How To| Get Rid Of Acne

Good Morning guys! Or night... depending where you are and when I post this buttt... it is morning as I write this so good morning, my dudes and dudettes. Now, I don't want to be misleading off the bat. I have never dealt with cystic acne or chronic, huge acne flares. What I did struggle … Continue reading How To| Get Rid Of Acne

Deciding Your Own Year

Has anyone ever heard of manifesting a better life? or manifesting money? If so let me know in the comments because I am curious about this topic. What Is It? From the knowledge I have gathered over time, I have come to understand that you can manifest anything you want. Such as: manifesting money, love, or … Continue reading Deciding Your Own Year

Daily Prompt: Allergic

via Daily Prompt: Allergic I am as allergic to my sad thoughts as some kid in third grade was allergic to peanuts. But instead of calling it "anaphylactic shock", I call it "depression". Just like the kid biting into a cookie with peanut butter in it unknowingly, something so sweet but suddenly dangerous, is a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Allergic

Starting Off the New Year (Almost) Right

Earlier my friend Kylie messaged the group chat and asked what our resolutions were. Now, I haven't had a New Years resolution since I was probably 12. I always believed that you didn't need to wait for New Years to make resolutions. The present sounds more appealing to me. But I jokingly replied with, "making … Continue reading Starting Off the New Year (Almost) Right

You are going to die in 2 minutes | STORYTIME (video)

In my humanities 101 class, a classmate unfortunately died in a car accident. The activity my professor had us do left me utterly speechless. And what I learned is going to stick with me for the rest of my life. And I hope it makes an impact on you as well. If you like this … Continue reading You are going to die in 2 minutes | STORYTIME (video)

Perfectly Posh | Review

Okay guysssss... So I’m actually doing a review like I planned to start doing months ago. I’m a little lazy so you’ve gotta bare with me. I am going to keep this as short and sweet to the point as possible. The mask I tried was Whole Lava Love and let me just get side … Continue reading Perfectly Posh | Review

The Sky Isn’t Even The Limit

Your place in this world makes a difference and you should know right now that no metaphorical ceiling can cap your ideas, and that not even the sky is your limit. Previously I wrote an article called, "Proof That Success Comes From Within". The article featured my own thoughts about how it doesn't matter your … Continue reading The Sky Isn’t Even The Limit

Mario Badescu Rose Water vs REAL Rose Water

Hey Guys! Yes.. I know.. this post is in a COMPLETELY different ball park than my typical posts. But I really wanted to add a variety of content to my blog. NO, that does not mean I will stop writing life lessons to you guys because TRUST ME, I still have plenty. But in my … Continue reading Mario Badescu Rose Water vs REAL Rose Water

I Will Love Myself the Way I Want Someone to Love Me.

I will love myself the way I want someone to love me. Say it again, maybe even make it fancy: I will love myself in such a way that I would like another being to love me. And if it still doesn't click, continue to read it, but I am not going to type it … Continue reading I Will Love Myself the Way I Want Someone to Love Me.