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My first three years of high school every senior I encountered talked about how it’s their last year, and how it is their year of “lasts”; their year to play a sport for the last time, a year to make new friends for the last time, etc. And as my senior year was approaching I reflected on what they said a lot. I couldn’t help but to disagree with them a little. I think looking at it as a year of “lasts” is a little on the pessimistic side.

When I really sat down and thought about it I realized it was a year of “Firsts”. I’ve never gotten myself too involved, but I’ve always been involved enough, at least in my eyes, throughout high school. I decided to look at it as this is my year to love what I do for a first and to step out of my comfort-zone and try new things.

Getting yourself out there will never hurt you, it was always benefit you in some way and it’s a chance to gain experience in life. I decided I owed it to myself to go to that volleyball game and dress up as a “super fan,” or stay at a football game after I march in band instead of going straight home when I could, or to make friends outside of my little bubble. I want people to see that their senior year isn’t a year of “lasts” because there is still so much that they can do, or so much they can improve on.

Getting out of your comfort zone is terrifying; trust me I know, but actually getting out there and experiencing something new is so rewarding. Your senior year is meant to go out with a bang, so make it count.

I am currently about my fifth week into my senior year and it’s overwhelming; I packed a lot in, but I know I can make it through because a moment of pain is worth it for a lifetime of happiness and I would be so disappointed in myself if a didn’t try new things and make it a year of “firsts” for myself.

To give a better example, when I was a freshman I never enjoyed school, and I decided I was going to fly through it as fast as possible. Looking back now, I missed so many opportunities to grow but I’m not going to let that bring me down. It is my senior now and I’m working my hardest to make this a year that counts, and a year that I will never forget. Your senior year doesn’t have to just be a year of “lasts” – you can make it a year of “firsts” and do everything you never thought you would see yourself doing. I can promise you this: you will never regret taking new chances in life because the opportunities they open to you are phenomenal.

For the next event rolling around for you at your school, grab a friend and have a new adventure, you won’t regret it.

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