False. High school is the beginning of our world and a new start in life.

Lets say you live to be 100, high school is only 4% of your life. When school feels rough you’ve just got to hang in there. If you are struggling with fitting in, or with bullying, don’t be under the impression that your life will be that way forever, because it won’t. You will leave high school a bigger and better person because of your experiences. High school is your chance to grow as a person so you can be a more successful adult.

I’m not going to lie, school is rough. But we can’t look at it like a building of hate and bad memories. It’s a building of opportunities to grow and learn. For example, If I weren’t picked on in junior high, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. I wouldn’t be writing in this article, I wouldn’t be getting good grades, and I wouldn’t be making the choices I am today. My junior high days gave me the gift of resilience. If you aren’t familiar with the word, it is the ability to spring back into shape or to recover quickly from tough experiences. Hardships give us a “thicker-skin” and we should be grateful for it.

One of my favorite mottos since I was little was, “A moment of pain, for a lifetime of success.” Really sit and let that soak in. When you wake up the next morning questioning whether to skip the day or not, remember that motto because I can’t tell you how many days it has pushed me through. When I’m sitting down writing yet another essay, and I really want to just turn it in blank, I think “A moment of pain, for a lifetime of success”. I keep in mind that although doing my homework or studying isn’t ideal, it is essential right now in creating a better life for myself.

This article isn’t just geared towards high schoolers either. You can never be too old to continue to better yourself and develop. To the adults reading this, I understand you do a lot, all I ask is that you keep your head up throughout your days and understand that things do honestly happen for a reason and good things come out of every bad situation. My dad was currently put in a hospital for a stroke and I know the severity of it and I know some people aren’t as lucky as his situation. When I went to visit him I explained to him that this is going to do more good than harm in our family. It will bring us closer as a family, it will make us all stronger than we were before. You can either choose to grow and be above these hardships or you can choose to fall back and give up. You can’t focus on just the negatives in life, you have to search and pick out all of the positives to help you get through your days. They are there I promise.

It’s never the end of the world, it’s always a new beginning and a new opportunity to become stronger.

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