A Change of Mind

“We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow.”

Look out your window. What do you see? Is there grass? trees? How about a giant brick wall out of your apartment complex or miles and miles of fields? Do you see any butterflies or bees? Because yes, they should be out now. If you have a garden, then when was the last time you found a tomato worm?

What if I told you that you may never see another monarch butterfly again? Or a bumblebee? No big deal though, right? They are just pests, I bet they have stung you once and now you can not help but to have resentment towards those flying thumbtacks.

Bees are pollinators. Which means they collect pollen from plants and transfer it to others in order to fertilize them. This method of cross-pollination saves 30% of our crops and 90% of the wild plants.

Do you know what that means? No bees equals a decrease in crops. That decrease means there is less field corn to feed the cows that produce your Yesterday’s Fresh Ground Chuck at County Market. With our demand still remaining constant, prices will skyrocket. And before you know it, that dollar menu burger will become a seven dollar burger.

If you must have that burger, then you HAVE to understand this.

You are about to be given an ultimatum in life. Burger… or a chance to fix what we all, including myself, have broken.

We live in a high-demand materialistic world and neither of us can deny that. We tend to forget we do not have an infinite supply of things. We take everything around us for granted and it is such an awfully sad reality to wake up to. Did you run out of eggs? That’s okay, because you can just run to the store, where there is an infinite supply of eggs. Have you ever gone to the store and was told, “sorry but our supply of eggs in the world has run out”? No.

That example is not your reality, and is not my reality. But for how until it will be?

A non-profit organization I was shown in my Sociology 110 class, called Go-350, gave us an expiration date of 15 years. In 15 years we will have emitted so much carbon into our atmosphere that we will have created permanent damage. 15 years is what we are given to right our wrongs before we start to kill of the earth.

When did the idea of, “I’ll be dead before it will be my problem” become only 15 years away.

Yes, this is our faults, but we can not go around and blame people for their actions because we do not have time for that. And after reading this you might feel helpless, and you may have lost all hope in humanity, because after I figured out in 15 years I will only be 33, I lost a lot of hope.

Because face it, how in the hell can you get a population to put down their TV remote, put down their quarter-pounder burger, and do something about it? How the hell can we get a population to change their ways? to change their minds?

It feels like we are facing a steel wall we will never manage to break down, but that is not what we need to think. That is not what I need to think.

This change of mind is possible. Changing the mind’s of the population IS possible. Everything starts with one person. When one person sets their mind to making a change, other people will join in, people who thought that they didn’t matter, will matter. Because before you know it, everyone will be on board.

And if we can manage to do that in our 15 year deadline, then we will be facing a whole new fate. Our children will have a whole new future. And we can sit there in peace and think, “I did that. I was apart of that movement that changed the whole world. That was me”.

You can make this easy for yourself, wherever you live, there is something you can do. No matter how minute it is, I promise you, you are making a big impact.

If you live in a small town like me, planting a garden is not a hard task, we all have the yard space for it. Doing this will cut down the demand on supermarkets and will cut down the shipping, that will then cut down carbon emissions.

Now wait, even if you live in a big city, or if you live in an apartment complex, you can help too. Buy a windowsill planter and plant flowers to promote the bee and butterfly population. Which in turn will help lower prices on our produce that we do need to buy from the store.

This is a responsibility we all are given to take on and no one asked us to do it alone. It is time to break barriers between us and our neighbors. It is time for us to learn to support one another and guide one another because this cannot be done alone before our 15 years is up.

This process is all about baby steps. And I know we can make it.

4 thoughts on “A Change of Mind”

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. Very few people actually clicked on this article; a lot less then typically. No one care to hear it and therefor no one cares to change. Its pretty sad. But maybe we can change the population one at a time.

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