Proof That Success Comes From Within

I don’t care who you are, how old you are, or what your interests are in life. If you have a dream you must pursue it, because you will make it. I promise.

Because we are humans, we instinctively put up mental blocks in our heads. Everyday in life we instill some sort of mental block, big or small. Everyday we think, at least for a second, “I should _____”. And then we come to our senses and see all the factors that play in and all the reasons why we can’t do it and we move on.

Are we being reasonable people or are we crushing any bit of potential we have?

By placing these mental blocks down we get an overwhelming feeling of protecting ourselves from any possible bad outcome. But also because of this, we never challenge ourselves. We never actually understand how successful we can be because we’ve stopped trying to prove it to ourselves.

Everyday I tell myself “I can’t do it”. And I have become so accustomed to it, so used to the easy life of going with the flow. But there was one challenge I never seemed to give up on.

Growing up I never understood the extent of how important it is to become successful in life. In grade school I did mediocre and in most of junior high I did even worse. Something changed in eighth grade, though. I become a little more self aware and started amazing myself in little ways. I started keeping a journal of my days, thoughts, and dreams and was starting to find a meaning in life at a young age. I then understood that I wanted to somehow create a damn good life for myself.

Although we’ve never been poor, my family also has never been the richest. In my house no one had a college degree and although they hoped I would someday have one, I don’t think they held their hopes too high.

Other than my family’s emotional support, my outside surroundings did not put me in the place I am. I did. And I want whoever is reading this to understand that success CAN come from within. You CAN set your mind on a goal and reach it no matter what your home life looks like. You have the power to create your own future.

Although I loved my life I decided it was not what I wanted in my future. I buckled down and started studying harder, started learning time management skills, started reading up on self help, and so on. I understood nothing would get done for me if I didn’t put matters into my own hands.

My freshman year I amazed myself by getting straight A’s. Something no one expected Halle Borchers to do. I challenged myself and I proved to myself my potential. So I decided to take it a step further. I learned self-discipline and kept going. Suddenly it had become my senior year and I had maintained a superb GPA all of my high school career. I knew at age 14 keeping my grades up would put me in a good spot but I did not understand how good of a spot.

When I was at Heartland Community College talking about my schedule I mentioned that I had been trying to get a hold of a lady about a scholarship I received. I expected it to be maybe $1,000 MAX. We got a hold of her at the office and she told me I was the recipient of their Rising Scholar Scholarship and that my whole two years of heartland was paid for. I was going to get an Associate’s degree for free.

I started crying and explained to them how hard it was for me to get where I was. I explained that my mom had passed in sixth grade and my dad had a stroke in November that left him out of work and although I had the determination for college, I didn’t have the money.

The point is, I had a dream, and I worked my ass off and now I’m salutatorian of my class, am giving a speech at graduation, and am receiving a nice scholarship.  I did not put a mental block up on that dream and look at where it took me.

I want you to understand that no matter who you are, if you take those mental blocks down, you will succeed at anything you please. If you can learn to believe in yourself, nothing will be out of reach. And I am living proof of it and I am telling you right now that the key is to success is yourself, and your own potential. Everyone has it in them.

When life gets bumpy, you can’t back down, you have to face it head on and keep going. Life will reward you for your hard work I swear.

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