She was a fiery red, ready to take on the world. And he was a mellow blue, taking on day by day.

They would walk around, with every word to say.

“You are a blue”, she would state.

“And you are a radiant red.”

They would pass each other by, and stay for a while; talk about the future and other sweet nothings.

“The color of you is my favorite color”, he would always tell her.

“The color of you is what is keeping me alive.”

She feared of them drifting apart, she feared of him no longer liking the color of red.

“What if we are not meant to be?”

“Then let us enjoy the color we make together now”.

One thought on “Purple

  1. As a young adult you have a surprising maturity with words and an ability to express your thoughts. This will help you grow and develop as a person as you discover purpose and passion for life. Smile often and always remember there is a definite reason for all of life’s experiences. Never repel them. Learn from them to navigate the path in life you choose.
    Wishing you all the best.


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