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Helping those who cannot help themselves: Old fat cats.


There is nothing… I mean NOTHING more satisfying than breaking out the cat brush and helping out that old, lazy, fat-ass-of-a-cat that you have come to love over the years.

I reached my hand down to pet my cat, Rusifer, only to feel on-coming fur-mattes. Every cat owner knows of those dreaded dread locks their cat seems to acquire when it becomes too privileged to groom itself. I instantly went inside the house and grabbed that little brush and I swear on every bone in my body, that poor brush was unbelievably clogged after one swipe down his back.

I went at him with the brush, chasing him all over the yard, until finally his fur was looking decent enough to last until next week when the little shit accumulates all that hair again. It felt good though to completely take off a whole cat’s worth of hair from his pudgy body because I know he’s probably boiling in the sun with those extra couple layers.

You’re welcome, you piece of shit.

3 thoughts on “Helping those who cannot help themselves: Old fat cats.”

    1. Its a pile of cat fur almost the size of another cat. The satisfaction here is helping him remove all those layers because he’s too old and fat now to do it himself


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