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15 Home Remedies for Headaches

I have been dealing with CHRONIC headaches/ migraines since I was a kid.

There would be times they would get so bad I would be literally hunched over a toilet hurling whatever I ate that day and bawling my eyes out.

Here’s how I manage them.

1) Herbal Sleepy-Time Tea

Chamomile teas help with a wide range of issues such as: inflammation, tension, and pain. The fantastic thing about chamomile teas, are the fact that they are calming. After one cup of Celestial Sleepytime Tea, I am practically dozing off. The relaxation this tea brings is my go-to for headaches. If you decide to pick some up I HIGHLY suggest this box:


This brings us into number…

2) Sleep

It’s almost a no-brainer… the first thing you crave during an oncoming headache is a cool, dark room and your bed. Listen to this instinct. A lot of my headaches are tension-derived, which means a nice nap and then a long night of sleep usually has me feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

If you are busy with work or school don’t stress, just the minute you are finished put ALL devices down and enjoy the silence in bed ASAP.


I feel like I had to say this basically twice because I know how we humans work…

I’m not going to lie, I always have my phone on me. Its 12:37 am right now and I am typing this on my phone while watching Shameless on Netflix. It happens. We all spend too much time in front of a screen.

The minute you feel that pressure in your head, you need to put your phone down and turn the tv off. The light emitting from those screens is killing our eyes.

If you know you are going to be bored without your phone try number…

4) Listen to music

If you are having a noise-sensitive headache don’t even bother listening to music. You just need to lay down in a dark room and try not to die.

But, if you can handle the noise then plug in some earbuds or headphones. I’ve noticed over the years that for me personally, hearing the bass in my ears soothes my head. Some hard rock or alternative grunge will instantly relax my head.

My favorite bands to listen to with a headache is like Nirvana, Three Days Grace, or even a couple songs by Skillet. The louder I play these bands the better my head feels.

If loud music doesn’t float your boat, try piano tributes. They are calming, not insanely loud, and you can usually jam out to songs you know in a calm manner. Try everything until you find something that works!

5) Peppermint

Every time you pop a peppermint candy into your mouth, you instantly get that cooling feeling. When you have a headache stick that cooling feeling on to your head.

If you are prone to headaches, make a peppermint salve ahead of time so then you have it when you need it.

Just mix olive oil, beeswax, and peppermint essential oil together and apply it wherever you feel pain.

6) A hot shower or bath

Or both! At the end of a long day, take your throbbing head to the bathroom and get in the tub. Sit down at the bottom and start running hot water out of the shower. After a couple minutes of letting the water rush on you just plug the drain and let the tub fill up. After it’s filled to desired depth turn off the shower and put a cold compress on your eyes.

My grandma had a jelly compress that was amazing. I’ll link to one like it you can purchase if you’d like or you can search around to find one you might like better.
Cold eye compress


If you have kids you will probably scare them wearing this but its watevs. It feels too good.

7) Cold spoons

If you are cheap like me, you won’t want to spend $5-10 on a face compress, that is why I have only ever used my grandmas. Also if you are tight with your money as well, you may enjoy this other article by me: How To Create A Zero Based Budget

Basically, just get a cup of ice (crushed ice preferably) and put two spoons in it. wait a couple minutes and then stick the round parts onto the backs of your eyes.


Here is the dumbest picture I have ever had taken of myself but hopefully you get the point now. You’re welcome.

8) Heating pad and a towel 

I have two heating pads and its great for those period cramps and back aches I seem to get at the same time.

Basically, you fold a towel a certain way and then roll it up. I have no idea how to type instructions for it so looks like I will have to break the camera back out and do a step by step picture. Give me like twenty minutes.


Okay so start left to right from top to bottom. Basically fold the towel in half and roll it and then roll the heating pad into it. Sorry for all the cats, I saw that the kitten made its way into the last picture. They like to bother me when I try and do things.

After you get it rolled up like so just plug it in, turn it on, and place it on the back of your neck while laying down. if its too big for you and it causes discomfort, don’t roll the heating pad around it, just place it over on top of it and then lay your neck on it.

The heat on the back of your neck will be very therapeutic and it will also help with your blood flow to your head.


yes, kissing. I remember learning about this remedy a couple years ago and feeling uncomfortable and weird about the thought of it. And also, when you have a headache, you don’t really want to interact with anyone else. I know I don’t.

But yes, kissing relieves headaches AND period cramps.

When you are kissing someone you like, you experience a rush of blood flow. This also means extra blood is travelling to your brain, relieving the pain and pressure in your head. As long as you don’t get too carried away and exert any energy, just some calm kissing will help you combat your headache.

10) Breathing techniques

Have you ever heard of the whole in 4 seconds out 7 seconds? I know there are MANNNYYYY different types of breathing techniques but this one is my favorite. I like exhaling longer than I inhale because I feel like i’m really pushing out all of that bad air.

Now, when I use the word “push” that doesn’t mean I’m forcefully breathing. You might start off doing it kind of unevenly, uncomfortably, or too fast but concentrate on bringing your breathing down to a very calm and slow rate. In your head think:

In..1..2..3..4….. Out..1..2..3..4..5..6..7…..

And repeat. This is a fantastic way to calm yourself instantly if you start crying from the severity of your headache, because trust me, I’ve been there.

11) Caffeine 

There is an on going debate, trust me I know, arguing whether you should consume caffeine during a headache. Let me help put that debate to rest. If you have a headache derived from a hangover, DO NOT CONSUME CAFFEINE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU CRAVE IT. Your body may feel good with the boost of energy but your head won’t. If you have just a headache because your body decided to be an asshole, then go ahead and consume caffeine.

I’ve visited my family doctor multiple times about my headaches. They were chronic and would start at the same time every day and would last until I woke up the next morning. There would be some weeks were I would only have about 5 hours of no headache A DAY.

He suggested to drink some coca-cola or coffee to help “wake my brain up” and get blood flowing to my head. To this day the first thing I try before ibuprofen is a hot cup of coffee.

12) Alternating hot and cold liquids

A simple and quick little remedy I have discovered over the years is switching sips between a hot beverage and an ice cold beverage. I’ll make a piping hot herbal tea and an icy glass of water and I will sip the tea and push it up into my gums and let it sit for a little bit, swallow it, and then take a sip of ice water and push it up into my gums, wait, and then swallow that.

Both of the temperatures I find soothing during a headache, but I also noticed that after so long of drinking a hot liquid, it didn’t have the same soothing effect after a while, and same with the cold liquid. So I started making both beverages and switching between the two.

I push the liquid up into my gums because there are a lot of nerves and veins there. Switching between two dramatic temperatures in that area helps out a lot for me.

13) A massage

If you have someone else there, make them give you a nice back rub. Tell them to shut up and not speak the whole time because your head hurts and you don’t want to listen to them, and just close your eyes and relax until you feel like you are half dead and half barely alive.

If you don’t have someone there, or maybe that person there gives shitty massages, then do it yourself. Lay on your back and massage your eyes, and run circles on your forehead and temples. Massage the side of your nose at the edge of the bone. And oddly, massage your gums. I swear it feels amazing during a headache

14) Sitting in the sun

If a dark space really isn’t helping you then you should grab a comfortable lawn chair that reclines and sit out in the sun with some sunglasses on and possibly take a nap. Nature is healing and so is the sun. The sun will help you get a nice dose of vitamin D and its warm rays will soothe your head. If you burn then maybe put on some sunscreen before you head out there.

15) Pet therapy

They don’t have pet therapy at nursing homes for nothing. There is a direct link between animals and happy patients. Every time my head starts throbbing I find my calico cat patches and I rest my head on her stomach and take a nap. Placing my eyes on her warm, furry belly makes my head feel so much better. Use Guided Visualization to imagine the toxins and bad feelings in your head being sucked away by your pet.

Sometimes if she’s eating or doing something else I will resort to Rusifer, my gross fat cat. He’s always my last choice though. If you want to see how gross he is, I did a photo challenge about him here.

But anyways, there are 15 REAL remedies that help cure a headache and if not at least ease the pain a little. I hope some of these work for you, as they help me. If something on here doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. Listen to what your body is telling you and adjust what you are doing to fit your on body’s needs.

1 thought on “15 Home Remedies for Headaches”

  1. Lots of great suggestions dealing with the symptoms of a headache. If, however, the headaches are frequent, an underlying CONDITION exists that is likely being ignored. Usually, it is NOT ONE THING. Nutrition, hydration, stress reduction, proper spinal function and alignment as well as MOVEMENT/exercise play important roles in preventing headaches from becoming recurring annoying and painful SYMPTOMS.

    As a clinician with over 20 years in practice, balancing these components have corrected a great majority of headache patients.


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