Outer space

By, Halle Borchers

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Maybe I’m just crazy, or maybe I am over analyzing it, but being in outer space like that was the true definition of hope. Of the hope I have, of the fact that I do actually hope.

How did I get so high anyways? I just remember floating up there, and the feeling of nothingness cradle me. The voices told me to be careful because I could float too far and never return. I just kind of sat there and looked down at Earth. It looked so pretty from that height, from that distance.

When you really look at that image, you don’t see the bad. you don’t see the small minded people, you don’t see the pollution. But yet, why was I still so scared?

I wanted to get back home, I needed to get back home. I started having crazy anxiety, like the kind you would get when you lie to your parents about something major. I tried not to panic, but the more I panicked the further out I traveled. I didn’t even think about my loved ones, or my friends, I just thought about what would happen to me specifically

. I kept trying to almost swim back closer to Earth. That sounds so unrealistic, swimming through space to get myself back home. But at that point I was willing to try anything. I knew as soon as i hit Earth’s atmosphere I would easily be sucked right down because of gravity, leaving me free-falling who knows how many miles, just to plunge right down to my death on some random sidewalk

What if I landed in the ocean? Well, from falling so high it would still crush my bones like concrete, and I would be stranded, forced to try and keep my head above water to breathe. Plus, who knew what would have been lurking in the waters. I am not a fan of deep water that I can’t see in, and I never will be. Water like that will always make me cry, even when I am fifty years old.


I don’t know what happened after those thoughts, but I did end up in the ocean. There were planks of wood floating all around me, each was painted white with different types of vibrantly colored eyes on them. I chose one plank, with these purpley-blue eyes on them, and instantly I was saved; only to find myself open my eyes in my own bed.

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