So long story short, I was at my grandmas house when I found a caterpillar in her drive way, a woolly bear to be exact, and I picked him up and stuck him in the pocket of my shirt.

My grandma doesn’t like bugs which is why I had to put him in that pocket, and I love taking animals out of the wild and force-domesticating them.

After a couple hours of intense anxiety and fear that I might squish him in my pocket, I finally told my grandma. She got a container for me to put him in and we made him a home.

img_9241 (his container isn’t always moist, I just spritzed water on the one side today because although he gets moisture from the leaves he eats, I read that they still will drink some sometimes. Also this is part of inside his home)

It was around August 15th when I found this little guy and now its going to be September 15th like next Friday! I somehow managed to keep him alive for a whole month. Anyways, I read that he will stay as a caterpillar until spring and then turn into a moth. So him and I have a long ways to go together.

I just felt like sharing a happy piece of my personal life on here since my last post was kind of sad and depressing. So here are some more pictures of my caterpillar!



(behind him is part of one of my aloe plants. Maybe in another post I will dedicate it to all of my plants and how I care for them. Let me know if you’d enjoy that! I have around 12-13 plants)

One thought on “Horacio: Un Amor

  1. Yes you’ve always taken bugs, frogs, rabbits anything you could sneak into your bedroom to raise as your own! That my dear granddaughter proves to me you are a nurturing individual. Not to mention that you are gonna prove you can take something from its own habitat and give it what it needs to survive! So I will continue to roll my eyes and smile! I Love You!


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