Hey Guys! Yes.. I know.. this post is in a COMPLETELY different ball park than my typical posts. But I really wanted to add a variety of content to my blog. NO, that does not mean I will stop writing life lessons to you guys because TRUST ME, I still have plenty. But in my opinion this is a way for me to become more interactive with you guys and a way for you guys to get a better feel of my personality. So here we go!

Okay so first I went out and bought myself five roses and I headed over to hang out with a friend and we sat together and made some rose water. I started out just de-pedaling (sp?) the roses.


This tutorial, if you call it, is super-duper easy.

After that all you need to do is just bruise the roses with a… I believe it’s called a ‘mortar and pestle’… correct me please if I am wrong. just take the stick (I don’t know which is which) and don’t grind the petals, you still want them to be whole, but kind of hit the petals so you see all of the dark spots form on them. This makes it so the juice can travel into the water. After that just stick them in a water bottle and shake them up! Voila! You know have rose water.


After this just keep it in the fridge for at least a day and then transfer it into a little squirt bottle. Now, the Mario Badescu water has aloe vera in it as well so I extracted some aloe when I got home and added it in to make it the closest product possible.

The youtube channel I created is specifically for my blog and travel so go ahead and subscribe to be updated!

Have a great day, Guys!

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