So yes guys, my friend and I took roughly a 3 1/2 hour drive down to Missouri to take a tour of the caverns. I swear it took me like a million years to upload this because 1) I’m really lazy and 2) in the video and thumbnail I put “Missouri, IL”, because I’m an idiot, so I had to take some extra time fixing that.

The caverns were absolutely amazing but there were a couple things I did not like

  1. It was set up in a super super tour-like style. So that meant that my friend and I could not go off the trail and explore which we were bummed about but hey, safety first right?
  2. The tour moved really fast and we did not get to see a lot of the caverns. Our guide would say something stupid and then everyone would take a couple pictures and then we would quickly shuffle along. I wished we could have stayed in one spot longer so I can soak in as much as I possibly could. I barely feel like I was there it went so fast.
  3. Our guide was really annoying. End of story.

Other than the above complaining, I thought the caverns were breathtaking and the show we got to see at the end was amazing. At the end of the video a song is played, I did not edit that in they played that song along with the show at the end in the caverns. I thought I would throw that out there because Youtube tried to copyright me haha.

But I hope you guys enjoy and If you ever get a chance to go then do it! There is a zip lining course right outside and that was so damn fun.

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