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Perfectly Posh | Review

Okay guysssss… So I’m actually doing a review like I planned to start doing months ago. I’m a little lazy so you’ve gotta bare with me.

I am going to keep this as short and sweet to the point as possible. The mask I tried was Whole Lava Love and let me just get side tracked real quick. I LOVE the names on every Perfectly Posh product. I think they are so cute and creative. Moving on!

Here is just a view of my sample:

Now, I cannot tell for sure if this is a facemask. It doesn’t blatantly say ‘facemask’ but it also doesn’t say face wash on it. But I used it as a facemask anyways.

The consistency of it was a downside. Since it was all charcoal and ash, and possibly not a facemask, when I would apply it to my face a lot of it would just fall off.

You can tell in the picture how thick it was but in real life it was so much more grainy with not enough liquid to hold it to your face.

I would compare it to like trying to stick a sugar and honey scrub to your face. It would just fall right off, ya know? The more I think about it the more I realize it was probably not a face mask.

BUT!…. but, but, but… it had a great cooling sensation! It felt really nice on my face after a couple minutes.

Here, you can see I’m rather quite enjoying it. As you can see, there is no visible redness or irritation from the product on my skin around it. My face can be quite sensitive sometimes and it did awesome with this. Round of applause, skin 👏🏼.

When I washed it off I started by just loosening and rewetting the mask and then I scrubbed the ever living shit out of my face. Afterwards my skin felt extremely soft and polished and I was very pleased with it, even if I did it wrong.

Grade: B-

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