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A Boat in a Bottle

Do you ever wake up some days and self loathe? or in my case, hit the end of a busy day filled with chaos and a near death experience to begin the self-loathing ritual?

Yes, you heard that right. I did in fact have a near death experience Saturday but that is not the point of this article; we will talk about that another day because it wasn’t as grandiose as you’d think.

When I finally got home late that day I couldn’t help but to reflect on the fact that I uploaded my first, real YouTube video and my first video on my Facebook page. Although I was getting positive feedback I still felt… sad. 

I texted my best friend, Darien, and I told her how I felt like a small town girl who needed to slow down and sit back down and continue to work, get my degree, and become a Spanish teacher and move on with my life.

I told her the dream I am chasing is too unrealistic and needs to stay in bed where I left it.

She instantly argued with me and said,

“Halle, you are a boat stuck in a bottle. You have the whole ocean around you but you’re just stuck inside. And you’re only stuck because you struggle with whether or not you’re competent in the world. You are, Halle. And the only thing holding you back right now is you.”

I know some of you comment on my blogs and tell me these amazing things that I love so much but remember, even I am scared to wake up as myself sometimes.

Even I feel like a failure, or an idiot, or a small-town girl who can’t keep her head out of the clouds.

And just because you wake up and feel that way too does not mean you are alone and does not mean you are correct feeling that way either because you are just a boat stuck in a bottle with the whole ocean around you, ready to explore. And it is up to you when it is time to break out.

Don’t let the little things crush your spirit because you are worth so much more than the people who tell you, you are not.

Don’t be afraid to dream big because it is those dreams that have brought the world to where it is today.

And don’t be afraid to keep trying because success doesn’t happen overnight. We are all a boat in a bottle, regardless of our backgrounds or who we are. And we all have a massive ocean of possibilities around us.



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6 thoughts on “A Boat in a Bottle”

    1. Thank you so much! It’s amazing to see others inspired by the things that also inspired myself. I wrote things like this because I want to help people and show them new ways to life. Thanks again for stopping by and enjoying my work!


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