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Starting Off the New Year (Almost) Right

Earlier my friend Kylie messaged the group chat and asked what our resolutions were. Now, I haven’t had a New Years resolution since I was probably 12.

I always believed that you didn’t need to wait for New Years to make resolutions. The present sounds more appealing to me.

But I jokingly replied with, “making it through the night” because unfortunately I have come down with strep throat and there was NO partying for me last night.

I was on the phone with my boyfriend yesterday and I thought of a positive outlook on the situation. I told him, “the only good thing about starting off the new year so shitty is that it can only go up from here”.

It’s almost a blessing that I’m bedridden and basically paralyzed from my body aches because that means between 2017 and 2018, I’ve already hit rock bottom. I can’t get any worse then I already am.

For 2018 I plan to only go up from here and make the most of my year and make the most of this sickness.

There is something that can be learned from anything, my dudes.

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