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Daily Prompt: Allergic

via Daily Prompt: Allergic

I am as allergic to my sad thoughts as some kid in third grade was allergic to peanuts. But instead of calling it “anaphylactic shock”, I call it “depression”.

Just like the kid biting into a cookie with peanut butter in it unknowingly, something so sweet but suddenly dangerous, is a mirror to when I open my mouth to a crowd with words ready to strike behind their tongues.

I see the sweet cookie and I eat it. Suddenly I am laying in bed thinking, “what did I do?” while the strewn, vocal bullets replay in my head, tearing further and further into the depths of my mind.

My EpiPen is not giving a f***. My salvation is learning my own self worth. And to the kid still without treatment, I am sorry.

We all have an unspoken allergy to words with a crippling reaction of depression. We all have stood there with our throats closing up and our eyes glazing over when we don’t even have a peanut allergy, but yet an allergy to crushed spirits.

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Allergic”

      1. My pleasure! I agree that positive comments really do motivate, and I also feel a sense of pleasing relief when I post. Similar to eating chocolate hehe.


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