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How To Manifest Your Own Year

Has anyone ever heard of manifesting a better life? or manifesting money? If so let me know in the comments because I am curious about this topic.


What Is It?

From the knowledge I have gathered over time, I have come to understand that you can manifest anything you want. Such as: manifesting money, love, or success. Some people are even famous for manifesting physical objects out of a cone, although this is an old practice.

For only $17 you can manifest an apple out of thin air! According to the website,, all you need is brain power, 5 senses, belief, willpower, and their 45-page book and you can manifest whatever the hell you want.

While I do think this in particular is a crock of shit, because of their soliciting scam, I don’t feel like other forms of manifestation are.

There is the right way to manifest and the wrong way. The wrong way is paying someone money just for them to tell you that the answer has been inside of you all along and all you have to do is unlock your hidden magic. I can tell you that for a tootsie-roll.

Manifesting is basically all psychological and creating a new sense of surroundings. Your input determines your output. So set yourself up to fail and guess what you will do… fail. But, put yourself in a position filled with perseverance and positive thoughts, and you will have success.

(I do believe in manifesting but I do not believe in scamming people)

New Year Manifestation

Huffington Post: Manifest the life you want in 2018


Bill Philipps presented an easy, and promising, sounding ritual. Although this article will be posted well after new years eve, that is okay. You don’t need a special day to change your future when your future starts today. New Years is in the past but for those of us who were too sick to celebrate (see Starting Off the New Year (Almost) Right), we can start our new year now.

Philipps’ Steps

Step 1) Write out all the negatives in your past year that you would like to let go, or need to let go

Step 2) Burn the piece of paper and visualize those negatives being released through the smoke

Step 3) Breathe and visualize a pink aura surrounding you. Visualize what you wanted to let go and as you exhale, visualize your breath as “grey mist”.

Step 4) On a new piece of paper write what you are willing for the new year. Hold the paper between both of your hands and visualize white light from your hands to the paper.

Step 5) Place the paper into an envelope and open it in a year.

(See full article for details and reasonings)

With what has been shown above, I am by no means telling anyone to try and manifest a turtle out of their shoe. But I am telling you to try and bring something new into your life.

The first idea of a new year manifestation ritual came from my grandma. She told me how one of her coworkers is manifesting a big lump of money this year and my grandma has decided she is manifesting the truth for a situation in her life. It sent me on a spiral of being obsessed with the topic.

“How can someone manifest something physical to come to them?” “How can someone create peace out of chaos by thinking on it?”

I decided I want to manifest an amazing 2018 for myself. At the end of the year I will look at myself and think, “I did it. I am successful. I am happy.” I will see to it that I will create a good year for myself.

As a lovely follower commented on one of my articles, “So move through life expecting magic and you shall have enrichment that will astound you.” (

I think everyone should sit down and do this manifestation ritual and at the end of the year open the letter and see what all you have accomplished. Humans are amazing beings and I do believe we can create a life we want for ourselves. Through this journey remember who you are and don’t let sad clowns get ya down in the process.


2 thoughts on “How To Manifest Your Own Year”

  1. Some friends of mine and I did this a few years ago, and I managed to hang on to that envelope and open it a year later. I do lead a pretty magical life, and have learned to expect and look for magic but, I’ll tell you, even I was amazed. This is an exercise well worth doing. The Oriental New Year’s celebration is coming up — that would be a good time for it… 😃

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