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How To| Get Rid Of Acne

Good Morning guys! Or night… depending where you are and when I post this buttt… it is morning as I write this so good morning, my dudes and dudettes.

Now, I don’t want to be misleading off the bat. I have never dealt with cystic acne or chronic, huge acne flares. What I did struggle with though, is bumps. If you have them then you know exactly what I mean. Tiny tiny bumbs on your forehead, sometimes cheeks, that don’t do the pimple thing. They just sit there. FOREVER.

They don’t puss, they don’t get red or hurt, they just sit there, menacingly.

And they are THE most annoying thing because it just looks like goosebumps… on your forehead. They are easily noticeable because of how the light reflects on them and they make you super self conscious.


Don’t worry, I did the extensive research and tried out products for you. You’re welcome.

Basically this skin care routine banished those bumps. I tried other things before like cutting out dairy, cutting out sugars and yeasts, blah blah blah. And honestly it didn’t work for me. My bumps were stubborn assholes.

But here is my routine that I can almost guarantee will help the “skin bumps”.

We will start this routine before bed

  • Nizoral Dandruff Shampooimg_0817This stuff is a godsend I swear. Squeeze a little bit onto a cotton boll and rub it around on your forehead gently. You do not want it to bubble up. Now be careful, this stuff is EXTREMELY DRYING which is why we have so much moisturizer in this routine. And you only want to do this every other night for a week. After a couple days you should see results. Use the shampoo very rarely afterwards for up-keep but your skin should be fine for about two weeks before you need to start using it again. So use it max three nights, wait 2-3 weeks or until the bumps come back, and then repeat.


  • Wash Your Face In The Morning


My favorite brand is clean and clear but I’m trying this out and so far I like it. It’s super light and gentle. You can use whatever facewash you want and if you already have a favorite then great. Make sure you rinse EVERYTHING off. You do not want to leave any residue because it will dry the holy hell out of your face and your skin will be itchy and irritated all day. No bueno.

  • Moisturize And Go About Your Day


Congrats you made it through the morning portion! I use the Ponds rejuvenating cream to moisturize. I love Ponds moisturizer, it’s nice and cheap and I am all about saving mula. I like this one specifically because it feels lighter then the other Ponds and its better for me to go about my day because I have oily skin. Moisturizing is a huge key in this process because if you don’t listen to me and use the Nizoral too much you will be sorry because you will have a painfully dry forehead. And I know this from experience.

Now the nighttime portion

  • Wash Your Face Again

If you wear makeup, sweat, or have oily skin you should definitely make sure your skin is cleansed before bed

(I’m not going to add the same picture twice. You will live)

  • Exfoliate


I like this Freeman exfoliating scrub/gel mask. I don’t use it as just a mask because I feel like it does nothing for that but it is an amazing exfoliator. DO NOT EXFOLIATE EVERYDAY. It causes little micro dermal abrasions or whatever the fancy term is. Basically it puts like tiny scratches on your face. But I like to exfoliate it when my face is dry because it really gets in there. For maybe two minutes I exfoliate my face and then rinse it off and my face is so sooo soft. I do this maybe twice a week or every five days.

  • Peel Strip


Next I have this Yes to Tomatoes peel off mask. I only do it on my nose and partially pull it over only the tops of my cheeks. Nothing crazy. I do this about once every two weeks just to keep everything nice and neat. Its a small step but keeping your pores clean is crucial. But you do not want to do this all the time because you can irritate or damage your pores.

  • Witch Hazel Wipes


After all this my skin is raw hamburger and these wipes are my favoriteeee. I like the Dickinson’s brand of witch hazel and when I saw they made wipes I peed myself a little. I like to use these after all of this because witch hazel is so soothing and it kinda tingles and witch hazel is a natural astringent. Which means it fights acne. You can also use these on the go if you don’t have face wash or to take your makeup off. I love them.

  • Face Mask


Don’t worry the process is almost done. But like I said you need lots of moisturizing because of the Nizoral. But After all of this I like to relax with a nice sheet mask. The ones I have are the Dermal brand. I got 24 of them off of for $13 and I love them. They are nice and cold and soothing and I don’t need to deal with a mess or have to wash anything off. Let these sit for like 15 minutes and just lay in bed and relax. I swear by this little ritual. Less stress = less acne.

  • Moisurize

After all of this I use my moisturizer once again. It is okay to load up on moisturizing before bed becaues your pillow will soak a lot up and you are just sleeping so its okay if you look greasy. But I promise you will wake up with amazing feeling skin after a night of moisturizing and when you wake up your face won’t be greasy. Your skin will thank you.

  • Vitamin E Oil


Last but not least I use pure vitamin E oil on my face and neck. PRO TIP: When you put lotion on, pump it into your hands like normal and then add 4-5 drops of vitamin e oil, mix it around in your hands, and then apply it. You will not be sorry.

If you made it this far down then you are the true MVP. But the Nizoral shampoo is what will diminish the acne bumps. If you have a skin care routine you already like, then disregard the rest of this and stick to what your skin likes. If you don’t have a routine then go ahead and try this out! I recommend using this as a basis, but adding and dropping products is crucial because all of our skin is different.

Have a great day, guys!

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