Starting Off the New Year (Almost) Right

Earlier my friend Kylie messaged the group chat and asked what our resolutions were. Now, I haven't had a New Years resolution since I was probably 12. I always believed that you didn't need to wait for New Years to make resolutions. The present sounds more appealing to me. But I jokingly replied with, "making … Continue reading Starting Off the New Year (Almost) Right

Perfectly Posh | Review

Okay guysssss... So I’m actually doing a review like I planned to start doing months ago. I’m a little lazy so you’ve gotta bare with me. I am going to keep this as short and sweet to the point as possible. The mask I tried was Whole Lava Love and let me just get side … Continue reading Perfectly Posh | Review

Lightning Always Strikes Twice: A Moral

(This was written in 2015; I changed up some of the wording and how I had structured some sentences, but I tried to keep it the same, as much as possible, considering these were my emotions directly after it happened. Keep in mind that because I wrote this 2 years ago, my tone of writing … Continue reading Lightning Always Strikes Twice: A Moral